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Syria details

On this page you can find all the information needed to make a phone call from abroad to Syria. You can also take note of the regional telephone codes for major cities of Syria as listed below.

Information about Syria

Syria is a country that is located in Asia Its capital is Damascus and its inhabitants are Syrian(s). The population of Syria in 2012 amounted to 22,530,746 people. The surface of Syria is 185,180 km2.

Map of Syria

Syria cities area codes

cityarea codedialing start
Aleppo+96321 +96321
Al-Nabk (Nabek,Annabk)+96312 +96312
Al-Qamishli+96353 +96353
Al-Raqqah+96322 +96322
Baniyas+96343 +96343
Bloudan+96313 +96313
Damascus+96311 +96311
Dera+96315 +96315
Deir al-Zour (Dayr az-Zoor)+96351 +96351
Hamah+96333 +96333
al-Hasakah (Hasake)+96352 +96352
Homs+96331 +96331
Idleb (Edleb)+96323 +96323
Jableh (Jebleh+96341 +96341
Gableh)+96341 +96341
Jisr al-Shughur+96344 +96344
Kordaha (Kardaha, Kerdaha)+96341 +96341
Latakia+96341 +96341
Ma'anbej+96325 +96325
Ma'arret al-Nouman+96324 +96324
Palmyra (Tadmor)+96331 +96331
Quneitra+96319 +96319
Safita+96343 +96343
Sweida+96316 +96316
Tartous (Tartus)+96343 +96343
Yabroud+96312 +96312

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