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Kyrgyzstan details

On this page you can find all the information needed to make a phone call from abroad to Kyrgyzstan. You can also take note of the regional telephone codes for major cities of Kyrgyzstan as listed below.

Information about Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a country that is located in Asia Its capital is Bishkek and its inhabitants are Kyrgyzstani(s). The population of Kyrgyzstan in 2012 amounted to 5,496,737 people. The surface of Kyrgyzstan is 199,951 km2.

Map of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan cities area codes

cityarea codedialing start
Ala-Buka (Ala-Buka district)+9963741 +9963741
Ananevo+9963942 +9963942
Aravan (Aravan district)+9963231 +9963231
At-Bashy (At-Bashy district)+9963534 +9963534
Baetovo (Ak-Tala district)+9963537 +9963537
Bakai-Ata (Bakai-Ata district)+9963457 +9963457
Balykchy (City)+9963944 +9963944
Batken+9963622 +9963622
Bazar-Korgon (Bazar-Korgon district)+9963736 +9963736
Belovodskoe (Moskovsky district)+9963131 +9963131
Bishkek+996312 +996312
Bokonbaevo (Ton district)+9963947 +9963947
Chaek (Jumgal district)+9963536 +9963536
Cholpon-Ata (Issyk-Kul district)+9963943 +9963943
Chuy-Tokmok (Chuy-Tokmok district)+9963138 +9963138
Daroot-Korgon (Chon-Alai district)+9963237 +9963237
Eski-Nookat (Nookat district)+9963230 +9963230
Gulcha (Alai district)+9963234 +9963234
Isphana (Laylak district)+9963656 +9963656
Jalal-Abad+9963722 +9963722
Kadjy-Sai (Ton district)+9963941 +9963941
Kaindy (Panfilov district)+9963137 +9963137
Kant (Issyk-Ata district)+9963132 +9963132
Kanysh-Kya (Chatkal district)+9963759 +9963759
Kara-Balta (Jayl district)+9963133 +9963133
Kara-Kul (City)+9963746 +9963746
Kara-Kulja (Kara-Kulja district)+9963239 +9963239
Kara-Suu (Kara-Suu district)+9963232 +9963232
Karakol+9963922 +9963922
Kazarman (Toguz-Toro district)+9963738 +9963738
Kemin (Kemin district)+9963135 +9963135
Kerben (Aksy district)+9963742 +9963742
Kochkorka (Kochkor district)+9963535 +9963535
Kok-Gangak (City)+9963743 +9963743
Kok-Oi (Talas district)+9963458 +9963458
Kyzyl-Adyr (Kyzyl-Adyr district)+9963456 +9963456
Kyzyl-Kya (City)+9963657 +9963657
Kyzyl-Suu (Jety-Oguz district)+9963946 +9963946
Lebedinovka (Alamudun district)+9963147 +9963147
Mailuu-Suu (City)+9963744 +9963744
Massy (Nooken district)+9963734 +9963734
Naryn+9963522 +9963522
Osh+9963222 +9963222
Pokrovka (Manas district)+9963459 +9963459
Pulgon (Kadamjay district)+9963655 +9963655
Sokuluk (Sokuluk district)+9963134 +9963134
Sulukta (City)+9963653 +9963653
Suzak (Suzak district)+9963748 +9963748
Talas+9963422 +9963422
Tash-Kumyr (City)+9963745 +9963745
Toktogul (Toktogul district)+9963747 +9963747
Tup (Tup district)+9963945 +9963945
Uzgen (Uzgen district)+9963233 +9963233

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