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Croatia details

On this page you can find all the information needed to make a phone call from abroad to Croatia. You can also take note of the regional telephone codes for major cities of Croatia as listed below.

Information about Croatia

Croatia is a country that is located in Europe Its capital is Zagreb and its inhabitants are Croat(s)/Croatian(s). The population of Croatia in 2012 amounted to 4,480,043 people. The surface of Croatia is 56,594 km2.

Map of Croatia

Croatia cities area codes

cityarea codedialing start
Bakar+38551 +38551
Bjelovar+38543 +38543
Cakovec+38540 +38540
Dubrovnik+38520 +38520
Gospic+38553 +38553
Karlovac+38547 +38547
Koprivnica+38548 +38548
Krapina+38549 +38549
Mobile Phones+38595 +38595
Osijek+38531 +38531
Pazin+38552 +38552
Pozega+38534 +38534
Pula+38552 +38552
Rijeka+38551 +38551
Sibenik+38522 +38522
Sisak+38544 +38544
Slavonski Brod+38535 +38535
Split+38521 +38521
Varazdin+38542 +38542
Vinkovci+38532 +38532
Virovitica+38533 +38533
Zadar+38523 +38523
Zagreb+3851 +3851

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